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Sex dating in llangadog carmarthenshire

There are many such examples which are now recognized as a single farm.

Instances are the farms of Hafod, Cefncerrig, Rhyblid, Pentregronw, Alltycarw, Goleugoed, Cefnrhyddan, Cefngwrych and Cynill which is an amalgamation of Cynill issa, ganol and ucha.

It is conjectured that this type of development may have taken place in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

If one looks back over 300 years or so the distinct impression is given, for Myddfai at least, that land holdings were subject to flux and change and few if any represented unchanging units of land tenure.An indenture of 1737 shows that there was uncertainty about what to call some of the lands but ultimately they all come to be recognized as, and called Caegwyn.Another but more recent example of amalgamation is that of Merdy bach which ceased to be independently tenanted around 1870 and has become an integral and indistinguishable part of what is today Tynllwyn farm.(This section is not a complete extract) 'In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread' and for most of the people who have ever lived in Myddfai this has meant the tillage and nurture of the land.The livelihood of the vicar depended directly on the produce of the land, and if more indirectly, the various craftsmen who served the farming community.

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