Kim sung soo dating

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Kim sung soo dating

We also do not know the status/happiness of the marriage.It is possible he did not live much of the time in the household.To Kim Se Jung, the MCs asked about her recent drama 'School 2017' and her attempt at romantic acting.

The way I see it, due to the lack of a better term, she a bitch yo!

The Director, the actress and the wife are all adults and are certainly in a position to work out their own problems without name-calling from outside viewers who are commenting on this thread.

I agree that printed papers often lie, but when the surmounting articles and evidence perceive her as the one who initiated the relationship, the whole argument tends to shift to her as the problem maker.

But it was Kim Min Hee who broke up with Jo In Sung for this married man.

Fact of the matter is, having already prior knowledge of the director being married, she still made advances towards him which from my point of view is where the problem started.

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